Business Concept

“JSC “APZ” Mission”

Production of military technical and civilian industry products of perfect quality and reliability backed by high professionalism of the staff and suppliers, process and technology improvements focused on innovations, satisfaction of customer needs and expectations.

“JSC “APZ” Goals”

Receipt of optimal profit from financial and economical activities;
Guarantee of equitable and fair remuneration to the employees for their work;
Provision of leadership in production of flight control systems through the leadership in technologies, personnel and management;
Innovation policy implementation in advanced development of special machines;
Provision of substantial market share for the enterprise in high-priority segments of market oriented products due to competitiveness, modernization and expansion of nomenclature of manufactured products;
Development and implementation of resource and energy saving technologies to provide strong competitive position.

“JSC “APZ” Tasks”

Satisfaction of the government customers demand for modern control systems and instruments;
On-going renovation and growth of the enterprise engineering and manufacturing base;
Growth of the Company capitalization;
Constant growth of efficiency of labour and quality of the products manufactured by the Company on the basis of the process method;
Provision of timely execution of obligations under product delivery contracts, design and development work.

“JSC “APZ” Priorities”

Provision of high-level organization of production and technical activities, safe and comfortable labour conditions, workplace culture;
Creation and development of new production departments, modernization of the existing departments with the purpose of diversification and extension of model range of the manufactured products, implementation of modern production technologies;
Participation in development and production of new systems, instruments within the priority areas of science and technology progress;
On-going renovation of production facilities to provide the dominant position in development and manufacture of all kinds of products;
Active social policy, collaboration with organs of government, charity.